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May 6

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  • Date: 7th May 2019
  • Event Contact: Church Reception
  • Phone: (02) 6196 8600
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  1. Hey girls, save the date for Life Women on Monday night, 6 May at our Belconnen Campus at 7:15pm.  We were born to thrive … yet, mental ill health statistics in Australia are grim. Suicide is current the leading cause of death in Australians aged 15-44 and 20% of Australians are mentally unwell, leading lives devoid of hope. The science of positive psychology suggests that by focussing more on what is going well and building on our strengths, we can protect our mental health. But is that enough? Imagine what a positive psychology grounded in the hope of Jesus and the faithfulness of God could do, not only to bolster our mental health, but to protect it for the future. We have our very own Melanie Spencer, Chair of the ACT Positive Education Schools Association sharing with us. As always, there will be delicious supper at the start with plenty of time to connect with each other.  Bring your friends and let’s learn about ways to support those we love to lead flourishing lives and to walk in the promises God has for them.


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