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Dec 24

Calendar1Day Offering

  • Date: 24th December 2019
  • Event Contact: Church Office
  • Phone: 61968600
  • Email:
  1.  This year, we will again be joining Australian Christian Churches by participating in the 1Day Offering at Christmas time. It’s a simple idea with a powerful impact: Giving one day’s salary can make a pivotal impact for good in individual lives and their communities around the world. We are each invited to give one day’s salary, or another amount, to fund community transformation and ministry activities. It also provides an alternative Christmas gift option for that family member/friend who already has everything they need. Why not start praying now about how you, your family or Life Group can get involved. And if you’re not going to be around at Christmas time, why not participate early by putting your contribution into a Life UC Giving Envelope, marking it as ‘1Day Offering’ and placing it into an offering container during any service. You cannot believe the wonderful difference your 1Day Offering makes to those on the Mission Field.  Thank you so much for your generosity.


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